Attraction marketing strategies- A historical account 

The internet marketing world is bursting with marketers trying their luck to make a buck online… (He-he-I rhymed!). Yes it’s crowed to say the least, and if you’re an introvert trying to make a name for yourself, it can prove to be a bit of a struggle to get seen and heard amongst the herd.


If you’re a quiet type who has chosen to make your mark on the network marketing red carpet, and thought that you would make a big splash using the World Wide Web, you’re right. In fact, there is a whole culture online that started around 2008 which launched a now well know super power strategy called Attracting Marketing.


See, attraction marketing strategies came to life as a cure for the constant spamming by MLM’ers who were trying to tackle every unsuspecting bystander into joining their biz op. Offline, it was as if these zealots would practically jump out of the bushes to declare how much you needed their business…Or suffer a long drawn out state of poverty.


Online… it wasn’t much different.


What these attraction marketing strategies did to correct this behavior was to teach these budding network marketers how to stop promoting their business and products directly; to stop asking every breathing mortal that came into view, to buy their super awesome products and jump on the ultimate, get massively rich, business train.


This super star attraction system demonstrated that by branding themselves as the authority as opposed to pushing their MLM company + products, they would fare much better and actually earn that coveted know-like-and trust factor that they would need to build their empire.


The result?


It worked like gang busters!


Network marketers all over the net were branding themselves as the leader in their niche.


What did that actually look like?


They acquired their own websites instead of marketing their company site. They had cool banners made with catchy taglines and a big ol’ fancy picture of themselves right smack-dab in the middle!


They found a target market and started shoveling out value packed content by the truck loads, easing the pains and satisfying the needs of their prospects. They were teaching their tribes how to make it online and build their own empires!


Since then, Celebrity marketers and Guru’s have been created all because of these very effective attraction marketing strategies. These headliners were literal money making machines due to this simple yet powerful blueprint which included a FORM of branding. 

Wait! A form of branding???



I say a form, because the branding that was used in the attraction marketing Golden Age, (you know the banner, with the picture and the cute tagline?) was only half of a very important whole.


Stay with me now, this is goin’ somewhere, I promise…


Let’s bring us back from 2008 to our current situation… Things have changed quite a bit in Google land; that super-star status that was once achieved is becoming a bit more challenging for the newbies coming online to attain. Now, everyone has caught on to this attraction marketing thing and many of them are selling the exact same product or opportunity as the next guy…As YOU are!


What’s happening is everyone is beginning to take on that same cookie cutter look to their brands. They are touting the same messages, with the same end game. Many of these people are struggling with what to say and do online even though they have all the branding garb, yet still not finding the kind of success they hear and read about from the top earners.


This is the total opposite of what authentic branding is really all about.


What’s emerging now is a slue of marketers pitting against other marketers in similar niches who can not only shout louder than you can, but can close harder and faster than you can too, in hopes of standing out.


They have big personalities and that extroverted, “in-yo-face” type of mentality. Even without the old school attraction marketing strategies, they seem to be able to push their way into the lime light.


But, what about the not so loud and super persuasive entrepreneur? Is the attraction marketing blueprint working for them?


Mmmm, not so much!


The introverted entrepreneur or subtle mogul as I like to call us, who also has the cool banner with their smiling faces smack dab at the top, and the snappy tagline and a similar message- these passionate and driven business owners tend to fade into the background. 


So how does an introvert get seen and heard in a loud and carbon copied industry?


Why… By combining attraction marketing with more in-depth branding techniques.


Attraction marketing is basically this: find your niche target market, understand their need and their pain and through your content, provide the solution. The result? People obsessed with everything you have to offer!


The branding in the MLM scenario was used to set the distributor apart from their direct sales company, not necessarily the competition. As stated earlier, it worked very well.


Now there’s more competition and branding needs to be taken a few steps further for people to stand out these days.


The Power Of Branding! Everyone’s Talking About It But, What Is It Really? 

Before I explain what branding consists of, let me expound on what Your Brand is NOT.


Don’t worry; I’ll keep this last part short.


Branding is not:
  • A logo
  • A banner with your picture on it
  • Its not your website, your colors, your awesomely cleaver fonts…
…These are just visual representations of your brand.


Authentic branding is no small task, it takes time and effort on the part of the entrepreneur but, it is well worth the effort.


Real branding will not only differentiate yourself from others in your niche, but it makes what you do and say online to your target audience not only easy but fun!


So what makes a Brand then?


Authentic branding is first and foremost, your MESSAGE AND YOUR PROMISE.


Discovering this is a process…


And guess what I’m going to do for you!?


I’m going to help you with this process. I’m going to introduce you to the first step of uncovering your brand message and promise by asking you 3 questions. Take some time to answer these questions, really think hard about them, okay?


Here we go…


=>What do you do and how do you do it better than anyone else?

=>What images and words do you want your audience to think about when they hear your name?

And lastly,


=>What are the advantages and benefits of doing business with you as oppose to the other guy? 


When you combine attraction marketing strategies with authentic branding you become a true powerhouse in your business.


 Til Next time!




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