Branding Yourself: How To Create A Celebrity Brand In 4 Easy Steps

If you want your marketing campaigns and your business to pick up speed… If you want people to stand up and take notice of your awesome biz op, products and services…you must first be successfully branding yourself.

There are a lot of newbie marketers whether they are in the direct sales industry or realtors, who feel that they are too obscure to brand. They feel that branding is just for big companies and takes a lot of money to pull off.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me tell ya… If you are trying to market anything online… you can best believe there are a thousand other people trying to do the same thing. And they are probably even selling the same product you are!

This is why Branding yourself is sooo essential not only to your success but, just making the whole marketing and getting leads easier or more fun!
…If you are a super awesome introvert like me…;)
…Well, you’ll enjoy NOT having to chase people around or feel weird and salesy, ‘cuz you’ll have people clamoring to work with you and buy your products once they get exposed to your brand.


So what makes for a celebrity brand?

Here are 4 steps you want to take to make your brand shine like a diamond!

Step 1: Branding Yourself | Who Are You Talkin’ Too??!

No brand can appeal to everybody, so the first step of a successful brand is a clearly-defined target audience. This is also known as your brand position – the space you occupy in the marketplace.
Let me break it down a bit…
See…your brand position identifies your target audience, your competition, and what makes your brand unique. The questions you’ve gotta ask yourself is…

  • What do you offer?
  • Who do you sell it to?
  • And why should they choose your business or product instead of your competitor’s?
  • What does your target audience or another more defined name… is your ideal client avatar, look like?
  • Where do they hang out on the net?
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Do they have kids? Married? Single? Young, older?


You’ve gotta get your research on!

Why is this important?

Think of it like this…

What’s more effective; putting a billboard next to a busy freeway or placing it next to a church or school? It’s more targeted if you are looking to hook up with church people or Moms taking there kids to school. Get it?

It’s the same concept online. Randomly marketing your product on the net is a waist of time and will slow the growth of your business way down.


Step 2: Branding Yourself | Be YOU with a little Pizazz!

The next thing you need to determine is your brand personality. Your personality should shine through in your design, voice, message, etc.

If you have a goofy side… Let it shine!

If you’re super sarcastic do your sarcastic thing…

If you love all things New Age, add some of that to the mix.


The idea is to set yourself apart.

In fact, don’t be afraid to find out what your top competitors are doing when it comes to their site design and how they express themselves.

Don’t try to be something you’re not.

Don’t try to speak like the evening news reporter when you normally use a bit of slang on your off days… You feel me?

Your brand personality determines how you will speak to your target audience. A biz owner whose products are most appealing to teenagers might choose an informal or even irreverent tone.

On the flip side, someone that targets wealthy middle-aged women might use a formal or exclusive tone. As you develop your brand personality, ask what tone and character traits would appeal not only to your avatar but the real you.


Step 3: Branding Yourself | Create That Trust Factor!

The next element of branding is your brand promise – what you promise to deliver to your target audience and why they should trust you to do so.

For example, a health and wellness distributor might promise to help people learn about supplements that give them abundant energy if they take them or financial freedom if they join your business.

To make that promise, they must be committed to delivering on those promises.

What results are you promising your ideal clients or partners? And how will you deliver?

Case in point… If you are in an MLM it is your mission/ promise to help the person you bring on to you team. If you fail to help…you’ve lost trust from your new partner

Your brand promise is like your bond. Since trust is an important part of branding, you should only choose a brand promise that you can keep. And once you have it, each marketing and branding decision you make should support that brand’s promise.


Step 4: Branding Yourself | Your Brand Story Matters
People like knowing how their favorite leaders in their industry came to be. They love hearing about the struggles you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are now.

I know I do!

There are many examples of this phenomenon. The stories of how Mark Zuckerburg developed Facebook being an introvert and how entrepreneurs Ben and Jerry started making ice cream are well known.

What is your brand story?

The best stories are those that ultimately support the brand’s promise and personality. If you can make your story tie in with your target audience’s view of you, then your story will reinforce your brand and help build trust with your target audience.

My story: An Introvert who struggled in an extrovert industry and found a way to overcome it. (The short and sweet version)

Many biz owners feature their brand’s story on their websites or social media pages. Your story might be simple. It’s not uncommon for business owner to have a story that boils down to, “I wanted X product and it wasn’t available, so I created it.” If your story is simple, try to find an angle that lets you talk about the reasons you wanted your product or wanted to be a biz owner and how and why you created it.

Ok, so…Conclusion

Building an effective and memorable brand depends on creating a coherent brand position, personality, promise, and story. When all the elements of your brand work together, you can be sure that your prospects are seeing the best of you and your business.

With that in mind, what are some other keys to building a successful brand?

Create the right tagline. Spend a full day with three or four of your team mates or a mentor and discuss how you want to be perceived in public. (Probably not your up-line if you are in direct sales as they have no idea about how to properly market online most of the time). What is the emotional reaction you want your audience to have when engaging the brand and what do you want them to remember? Develop your tagline based on this discussion.

Stand out from the crowd. Think about who your audience is. What are your top competitors doing in terms of their site look and how they are expressing themselves? Look for some core commonalities, and simultaneously prepare to identify where you can innovate and differentiate.

Be consistent. Think of your marketing as being interconnected, like a body. The brand is the brain. Social media, advertising, marketing, and sales are all extensions of that brand, and they must be coordinated and aligned. The copy, design and language you use must always be based off of the brand. Get help. Branding isn’t easy! A professional can take you through the process so you see things more clearly, get a different perspective, and go about branding in a way that will allow you to reach your target audience more efficiently.

Put people first. Your brand is about building relationships. People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust.

Start crushing your business by creating a super lead generating celebrity brand, even if you’re an introvert… like me =) HERE’S HOW

Til Next Time!
April =)

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