If you are looking to master the skill of marketing on the Internet and are determined to start seeing results in your business that are not entirely based on doing home parties and hotel meetings then, you need to invest your time and mullah into some real internet marketing training.

Read on cuz I’m about to squash some of those excuses for not getting on the online marketing bang wagon!

Offline Marketing Requires Much More Time And Physical Effort.

You know… that “sweat of your brow” kind of work that your direct sales company teaches you to do. And there is nothing wrong with that. We should all start with building in that traditional network marketing way, but…

LEVERAGE is the name of the game if you truly want to have that time freedom in your life and business. Too many people quit this industry because they say it was too time consuming which totally negated why they got into the business in the first place…
Does that sound like you?

I get it…

We all have families, marriages, pets, J-O-B’s that suck up the majority of our 24 hr time frame and yes, we want freedom but, at what cost?

Well, there are 2 philosophies here…

You can work really hard for a few years building your business and have the rest of your life back to live the lifestyle of your dreams…

Or you can continue to do nothing and still be out of time and out of money…

I say, let’s do the first one BUT let’s work SMARTER not HARDER!


Internet Marketing Training? Yeah, But I’m Not A “Tech” Kind Of Person!

Okay, so investing in new internet marketing training can also take time. There is a leaning curve BUT, it’s less taxing on the body than on the brain, meaning it’s not physically draining like offline marketing can be.

Hey, I can handle a little stress on the brain if it’s going to give me a lifetime of freedom!

And guess what else…?

You don’t have to be this technical wizard to learn it, you just have to be willing to learn it…Online marketing is not like the “olden daze” where you had to know HTML and all that nonsense!

Not at all!

In fact, most of the strategies are plug and play and pretty simple to implement. And the best part is…You can get some good learnin’ from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t have to pay for a babysitter or sit in a classroom for 3 hours a day.

Internet marketing training is therefore doable.

So lay off the “I’m not technical” story…Most people aren’t.

Once you get some knowledge under your belt you can start implementing it immediately!

Right there on your computer you can start getting some qualified leads for your business.

How good does that sound?

You can actually attract some awesome people who you don’t have to chase or beg to sign up in your company, and did I mention you don’t even have to leave your house to do this stuff?…


Well I Don’t Have Time To Get On The Computer or Social Media


Then keep your day job. Seriously!

If you can’t find time to get on the computer then how do you find the time to prospect offline? How do you find the time to do your presentations? How do you find the time to schedule your appointments to even get people to come to your presentations??

All of those questions I just presented to you can be solved by investing in learning some basic internet marketing strategies. So all those processes, all of that work that you do offline can be set up to work for you while you sleep!

Yeah But, I Do Pretty Good Building My Business Off-line.

That’s great! You are ahead of the curve!

See, most people are not cutting it offline. You may be doing very well in your MLM business right now, but what about your team?

You need to be constantly growing your internet marketing skills in order to give those peeps on your team a leg up.

The ones who are struggling…

The ones who are introverts like myself, and need another choice to building their business that aligns with their personality.

Remember, this industry is not about you, it’s about your network and you are only as good as your network.


Ya feel me??

Okay, Okay… I’m Done Making Excuses, Show Me the Way To Victory!

The first step is to find a place that can give you the entire internet marketing training you need under one roof.


Because you don’t want to have to piece this stuff together yourself. It can get expensive and frustrating if you try to do it that way.

Learning is the first part, putting it together is another.

You not only want something that can give you all of the training you need, but that can also provide you with the necessary tools you will need to operate your network marketing business online.

In my humble yet biased opinion… (wink-wink) there is only one place that I know of that can offer all of this!

If you want to have true time freedom and financial success in your direct sales business leveraging the internet, then get the internet marketing training you need by using a simple system that has not only created success in my life and business but in the lives of thousands of other entrepreneurs who also dreamed of living the laptop lifestyle.

Should network marketers Invest In internet marketing training?

Heck yeah!

Use what I use… Test it out if you don’t believe me by VISITING HERE.


Til Next Time…=)



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