MLM scams can be traced back to the emergence of network marketing in the early 80’s when network marketing was really coming into its own. In fact, the bad rap that MLM companies experience now days  was originated by a simple little harmless practice that gained popularity and ultimately controversy, known as the network marketing tools scandal.


See, even back then there were just a few successful distributors that were creating these humongous down-lines and they began monopolizing on their guru status by selling their own books, Cd’s, tapes, memberships etc., to people on their existing teams as well as new people that signed up.


Sounds innocent enough, right??



At one point, there were some rouge mega- teams within their perspective MLM companies, (a lot of this was happening without the knowledge of their MLM companies) that started “requiring” people to purchase their tools for the development of their businesses.


They began preaching that if you want to be a successful independent distributor, you must purchase and join their products and programs.


Thus, The Beginning Of The MLM Scams Claim

Obviously, this made the people at the top of these mega-teams a butt load of money and the fallout from these so called “MLM scams “was that, people in their down line were unable to duplicate their sponsors success since they didn’t have access to these network marketing “tools.” Not to mention, they were spending quite a bit of their hard earned money already trying to keep up with the monthly fees associated with having these tools, on top of their regular monthly auto-ship obligation.


As a result, network marketing companies were surrounded by a cloud of suspicion and mistrust as distributors began to believe that you couldn’t make and real money in the MLM industry unless you could sell these tools as well.
Now we know that wasn’t happening in the 1980’s, right?


I mean, your average distributor back then had absolutely no way of creating those kinds of “multiple streams of income” type products without spending a considerable amount of money.


Consequently, lawsuits were filed as it was argued that pushing these network marketing tools was considered illegal and unethical because the majority of these high-level distributors were actually making the majority of their money from the sales of these tools and not the mlm products themselves.


The Result Of The MLM Scams Cry

The MLM industry today has since been regulated and distributors cannot require people to buy these business building tools.


Don’t let me lose you now…


I’m going to show you how you can actually capitalize legitimately on the MLM scams of yester- year.

Stay with me…
Now the problem back then was not in the fact that the multi level marketing platform didn’t actually work to make people in the industry wealthy, because these people did build enormous organizations and they continue to make residual income ‘til this day.


So the MLM system can work…


The problem wasn’t even that they were selling other streams of income like books, CD’S , trainings, etc., to their teams.


The real problem was in the fact that they were requiring people to purchase them! They were misrepresenting how they were successful as a distributor.


And that, my friend is a no-no…

Network Marketing Tools Today…

Now days, with the domination of the world wide web, and “instant access” technology, your average network marketer has access to a slue of products and services that can be offered to their customers and can be used to build multiple streams of income.


We also understand that the top producers in the MLM industry today are that much more successful because of, not only their MLM company and products, but because they can offer other resources to their market and profit from them.


A New Take On The MLM Scams Claim

What was shunned in the past is now the norm for today’s network marketer who wants to be financially successful- minus the forced prerequisite factor,of course! =)

As long as you don’t allow people to think that they can only be successful in their biz op if they buy your “extras” then you’re golden!


Not Taking Advantage Of The MLM Scams Blueprint

The newbie network marketers of today haven’t quite caught on to the idea of marketing their own “tools” apart from their MLM business.


Why? A few reasons…


•They didn’t know they could
•They don’t know how to find the right product tools
•They have no idea how to market it.


See, the hard fact is that 97% of the people you expose your MLM business to will say NO to your business opportunity. What you must have in place is a way to create income even if your prospect says “no thanks”.


This has nothing to do with mlm scams at all; it’s just smart marketing.


If you can create a way to provide something of value to the prospect that is not interested in your opportunity, i.e. e-books, CD’s, free training etc., you would not only still be able to make money, but if you do it right, that prospect will be more likely to join you when the timing is right for them because now you have given them something of value that they can benefit from.


They now KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you…


The 4 Main Profit Tools Used In The MLM Scams Era.

Really quick now…I tend to get long winded when I’m writing…lol =)

There were 4 main profit centers that were used by the gurus of the 80’s that made them multi millionaires.


Ready? Here we go

They had…


  • Product Revenue streams

Complementary products that provide value to your niche..
(Affiliate products)


  • Continuity Revenue streams

Pays you ongoing or residual income even if someone drops out
Membership sites.
Ongoing coaching programs/ monthly webinars


  • High Ticket Revenue streams

Believe it or not, high ticket items ($1,000 and up) sell very well



  • Your company opportunity and mlm products. (notice this is last… It will make sense later)


See, they had the right idea back in the early 80’s, they just took it to the extreme and didn’t teach others how they could do the same.


Now before you start thinking this is way too complicated to put together…

I doth protests!


You can benefit from the mistakes of our mlm forerunners. You really can have access to those 4 profit streams for your own business, and start making the big bucks all without being accused of being apart of MLM scams!



Let me show you how!

Til Nex Time!


Oh and,  I’ve only given you one out of five strategies used by these mega earners! When you click the link you will find out the other 4! =)

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