Success Strategies Hidden Behind The Movie Carrie. 


When I was a kid I was captivated by the movie “Carrie”. Not by the infamous pigs blood scene where it was literally dumped on Sissy Spaceks’ character, which made her look extra scary, but by the underlining topic; the phenomenon know as psychokinesis, sometimes referred to as “telekinesis” or the ability to influence the movement of matter or energy through mental processes.


Wait…You haven’t seen the movie?? I’m not talking about the remake, which was horrible! I’m talking about the original 1970’s version that earned two Academy Award nominations and co star, Piper Laurie was nominated for Best Supporting Actress! Yeah, that one…


Ok so, in the movie, an insecure introvert named Carrie, played by Sissy Spacek, discovers quite by accident that when she concentrated hard enough (focus) or was mad enough (feeling), she could move objects with her mind.


Strange child that I was; I remember how fascinated I was by the way the movie combined a scientific possibility with the macabre.


Once Carrie successfully discovers the power of her own mind and realizes it’s not the work of the “devil”, argued by her super cultish mother, but an actual ability that many other people have claimed to have had, she started making a few changes in her life.


I’m thinking maybe discovering that you have that kind of power is a pretty good confidence booster, wouldn’t you say? =)


Obviously this is a super exaggerated tale of mind over matter, but as a little girl, I was riveted by the concept of telekinesis, I mean come on, what kid wouldn’t be? So just like in the movie, I set out to find out more on the subject in my local library. To my surprise, there was quite a bit of scientific study on the topic.


I tried for about a week to move things with my mind, and guess what? Nothing happened- LOL… But that little experiment planted a seed that stayed with me as I grew up into young adulthood. I began to expand my vision of what the powers of the mind could actually mean if it were even remotely possible to effect matter (clumps of energy) just by thinking it.


Could it also be possible to move situations or circumstances with the mind? Or, what about the people in our lives or events that come against us? Was it also feasible to say that we as human beings were born with this incredible ability, and quite naturally use this power to create everything in our lives without even being aware that we are doing it?


Oh yes…I took a horror movie all the way over there! 😉


My mind was spinning with the possibilities. All of my inquiries ultimately lead me to the understandings and beliefs that I carry with me today. Things that I have witnessed in my own life as well as others, and the various metaphysical teachings I have studied, literally changed the way I viewed my life and the world around me.


Success Strategies and The Power of Your Mind


So what’s my point?


I said all of that to say this:


In the end I discovered that you really do have the power to create (move with your mind), whatever you want in life. If you look around you and look closely, you will see that you have in your world everything you have ever desired or believed you could have.


If you come to the conclusion that you don’t like what you see or what you’ve manifested, you are the only one responsible for it, and the only one who can change it. You have used the power of your mind or thought power, your whole life, whether you were aware of it or not. You are a creative being; your thoughts along with your beliefs create your world, good or bad.


“Success is not by accident, it’s on purpose”


There is so much power in knowing that you and you alone have the ability to manifest your hearts desire. When you understand this truth, nothing is impossible to you. It’s the reality behind “telekinesis”.


Success Strategies: 4 Main Factors To Creating What You Desire


If you are struggling in your business, your relationships or in ANY area of your life, your success or ability to use the power of your mind to create the thing you want is determined by 4 main factors.


1. What do you want?

2. How bad do you want it?

3. How much do you believe you can have it, or deserve to have it? (this is a big one)

4. And how focused are you?


In a nutshell, success doesn’t just happen by accident you have to create it. Like Carrie-but not quite as morbid! You have to use the power of your mind to move into existence what you desire. If you don’t know what you want, it will be impossible to picture it in your mind clearly enough to manifest it.


If you don’t have the sufficient desire, or if it’s just a wish or hope, it won’t be strong enough to get you off the couch. If you don’t believe you can have/deserve it, you will quickly sabotage your efforts. If you lack focus and determination, you will be easily distracted and give up at the slightest bit of resistance.


Remember, success isn’t reserved for a special sect of people; the power of your mind to move mountains lies within you!


Ok, so what do you think of my take on this subject? Was it weird enough for you? Lol! Let me know whatcha think. 

Til next time…..



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