Is The Power Of Visualization Just For The Lucky Ones? Those “already-successful” people that everything they touch seems to turn to gold?

Yeah, us little people don’t have a chance, right?

I’ve often thought about those stories you hear on TV or print about these seemingly random rise to the top saga’s which evidently only happen to the “lucky” people in the world. You hear about that guy who made 2 million dollars in just one year of starting his biz! Or the actress that was miraculously discovered by a Hollywood agent and became an overnight success, literally!

The funny thing is, many times people look at the outcome or the achievement of people without giving any thought to how they became successful, they would rather believe, I think, that this was something that was just bestowed upon them from the heavens. Probably because no one wants to believe that you actually have to DO something to be successful.

But I digress…

As I really began to examine more about these so called overnight success stories, I started to see a common thread in how these blessed ones got to the top of their dreams. One was hard work. Yes people, you have to actually put in some work if you want to see some results in life. However, the other common thread was that they had a CLEAR VISION of what they wanted to create in their lives.

They, often times unknowingly used what is called the POWER OF VISUALIZATION that served as an almost magical blueprint that  led to the materialization of  what they worked so hard to achieve.  

The awesome thing is… They had to cultivated the power of visualization just like we do. They were not already super successful or lucky, for this power to work for them!


The Power of Visualization In Action

Visualization in its simple definition, is to “make visual or visible”. I like this definition because it illustrates the process. What you visualize long enough becomes visible.

Let’s bring this home… If you are having less than stellar results in your business, it may be due to your lack of clarity in what you want your business to look like, what you want the outcome to be.

If you are unable to visualize or create a mental picture of what you want with great detail, this is most likely telling you that you are unsure of what it is that you really want to create, and if you aren’t sure of what you want, how can the Universe possibly deliver, right?

It would kinda be like going to a restaurant and telling the waiter you don’t know what you want, but you know you want something good. The chef would have no idea what to make you. He wouldn’t know what ingredients you like or don’t like. He wouldn’t know where to start and what to end up with.

I can tell you that the top earners in your particular niche, the ones you admire, had very clear and precise visions of what they wanted. I know when I first started in my business, my vision was all over the place and so was my marketing. I accomplished very little at that time because of my blurred vision. This is why I can’t stress enough the importance of having a laser focused idea or picture in your mind of what you want your business to look like.

When you want to make a change in your business, see the end result and work backwards.

You need to see it in your mind’s eye. You need to feel it in your body. You need to make the vision so bright and detailed that there is no question as to what you want. You have to turn it from a general desire to a specific vision.

While you are visualizing, you will start to feel as though you already have it, and your mind will start to get programmed to BELIEVE you already have it. The more we feel what it feels like to have what we want, the more easily and quickly we can attract it to ourselves. This is the Law of Attraction in Action!

You might have a memory that feels like a real memory, but it really was just a dream or something that you imagined. For example, there have been times in my life that I have prepped myself in my mind as to how I would handle a certain situation, and although that situation never actually happened, the more I mused over it, the more it felt like it really was happening.

That’s because visualization is such a powerful thing. It trains the brain to get what it is visualizing, and at the same time, it sends a message to the Universe-almost as if you have put in a special order, of what you desire. This is yet another reason why we should be careful of what we think on!

Making the Power of Visualization Work For You

To increase your power of visualization, you might create a vision board, which is essentially a collage of images and words depicting what you want. The act of making a vision board is almost magical. It is almost like having your own personal genie in a bottle. And when you have the end result, you can hang it in a place where you can look at it often to help you continue to visualize your goal.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! With a little hard work + some highly focused day dreaming, you could be well on your way to your own overnight success story.

Alrighty then.- ‘Til next time…




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