A Sales Funnel That Makes Them want More!!

When I indulge in a yummy chocolate snickers bar it’s usually very strategic.

Weird, I know but, humor me… 😉

What I like to do is start from the outer chocolate shell, taking small bites that carefully take off the edges, and then I proceed to do the same with the top and the bottom layers of chocolate.

To my delight, I’m then left with the fluffy nougat inside. I attack that area in much the same way; carefully peeling off the surrounding candy with my teeth until I finally reach the inner essence. At last, I have reached the inner yummiest of the snickers bar!

The nutty caramel center!

Once there, I gobble it up with less precision as with the first two layers, and I bask in gratification as I enjoy the end of my chocolaty savoir-fair.

One sec….I need to get my Snickers bar out to the freezer….
Okay, I’m back… Lol!

What is a Sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a series of webpages that online marketers use to send their prospects through in order to entice them to purchase whatever product is offered within the funnel. The goal is to make the experience so satisfying for the prospect that they continue to buy… over and over. =)
It takes them from being a cold prospect to a hot lead to a paying customer.

So your Sales funnel should provide much the same experience as my snickers analogy (not as exaggerated of, course! ;)) to your potential clients and customers.

What you don’t want to do is send an empty series of “hellos”, “thank yuz”, “now buy this.” Rather, you want to provide a gratifying trip that leaves them feeling not only important, but wanting more.

I know that snickers bar made me feel very happy as I devour every morsel and then wished I had more!

Sales Funnel Design Makes A Difference

When creating your yummy sales funnels, make sure to brand them with your creative genius. Make sure every page is the same, styled with your brand colors and logo; as many elements of your brand cosmology™ as possible, which will make your prospects become super familiar with who you are.

Show them that you care by making each page they encounter a visual wonderland. Speak to them as if you are talking to your BFF who knows her pains and struggles.
Let them know that you are there to serve.



The Sales Funnel Starts with Your Free Offer.

Make sure your fee offer (the first layer of chocolaty goodness) leaves them in expectation to hear from you again. Create a value packed lead magnet that solves their basic problems. Do it so well that they are salivating for more. As they move along in your sales funnel, they reach yet another one of your treats. Yet this time, it might be a paid offer (the upsell). Something that will excite and satisfy them even more! So much so, that they whip out their credit card and purchase immediately…



Email Marketing: A Key Component of The Sales Funnel

Now they are on your list because they had to opt-in in order to get that delicious freebie at the beginning of your funnel.

Once they have received your amazing free offer, you should have a sequence of emails that continue to go out over time that reminds them of you continually. Cultivate that relationship with them regularly with your tasty morsels of emails, NOT with more offers, but just some good ol’ tips, tricks, trainings and conversations (the fluffy nougat) or invite them to partake of one of your yummy blog posts or videos.

Believe me, once they’ve experienced the pleasure of savoring the first part of your sales funnel, and getting to know your awesomeness, they will be salivating for the next level…

…More of your juicy products, services or business opportunity!

Ok…enough with the analogies, let’s break down the essence of a Sales Funnel.

No matter what industry you are in… If you are trying to build your business online and get more eyes on your opportunity, products and services faster and more efficiently so you can really be living the laptop lifestyle…



If you are in network marketing, that sales funnel can NOT be the one you get from your MLM Company, if you even get one at all.


Because it just doesn’t work!

If I’ve said this once I’ve said it a thousand times… If you want to be successful in your business, you have to become MORE than just a distributor by branding YOU as the expert. And having your own branded funnel is part of that process.

Okay So…

Your sales funnel begins with your free offers or lead magnet that requires an opt-in from your interested prospect. The cost here isn’t money of course, but rather an email address so you can stay connected. The next page of you funnel are you low cost products or an opportunity to jump on the phone with you.

A sales funnel can be as simple as 2 pages or as complicated as 10. If you hit the 5 page level, you’re making some serious money for sure… IFyou know how to do this funnel thing the right way.

There is an art and science to building a sales funnel that can literally make you hundreds of thousands while you sleep.

A Sales funnel is the only way to make real money online no matter what industry you are in! If you want to learn how you can be one of the many marketers making 6-7 figures from just one funnel per month.., Click Here to Learn more… don’t worry… You don’t have to be a Tech Wizard to make this happen! 


Til next Time
April =)

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