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Stop Chasing and Start getting More Leads and Sales in Your Business The Right Way!

Are you frustrated with your current Business building strategies?

…I get it. I’ve been there. In 2009, I started my first online business in Network Marketing so I wouldn’t have to actually talk to people about my business face to face. But, I quickly learned what I now teach… Even in an online business, you still have to talk to people.  You still have to promote to get the word out about your awesomeness, but for a introvert entrepreneur like myself, it doesn’t have to be super hyped, uncomfortable or energy draining.

If you’re anything like me, you may have felt almost paralyzed to even attempt building your dream business when you’re being expected to chase and tackle your friends and family.

I suffered from fear and doubt along with the feelings of inadequacy because I didn’t have an extrovert personality, and I struggled with that most of my life, not to mention in my years of business building.

However, once I began to understand who I was and recognize my own inner strengths and talents as an introvert entrepreneur combined with the Marketing System that ended my struggle 

…It was a game on!

Keeping Your Marketing Cost DOWN So You Can Build Your Biz Up!

Specializing in coaching the introvert entrepreneur and Solo-Preneures like YOU- Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Coaches and Realtors, how to promote your business through Digital Marketing in a way that magnetically ATTRACTS your ideal prospects, customers and clients for more leads and sales WITHOUT chasing, begging OR Breaking the Bank!

  • Branding 100%
  • Digital Marketing Services 95%
  • Attraction Marketing 85%
  • Network Marketing 90%
  • Money Management and Investing 65%


Hi! I'm April, The Introvert Mogul

There is a definite process when it comes to building a Network Marketing or any business for that matter online and I’ve spent over six years figuring it out. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you…In fact, it took me that long to really discover my true Introvert Superpower. I found it through Affiliate Marketing. AND I discovered I could Design a Brand that spoke to MY passions… That actually made marketing FUN for me! I Discovered that I could build My Business My Way…


I didn’t have to conform to the extrovert way of prospecting: Chasing, begging and pounding the pavement had me comin’ up short because no one could give a rip about my super awesome biz opp or one-of-kind products…All that did was suck the energy from me along with the desire to keep doing it…. If this sounds at all familiar, then stay with me…


I used the Digital Marketing blue print to build my network marketing biz online and WOW…It really worked. AND I was having a good time NOT throwing parties or lurking around coffee shops and malls… Nope, I built my business entirely online. I made it my business to learn, invest and implement my way to success. Was it easy?… No… But it wasn’t hard either…

Now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned to all my fellow introvert entrepreneurs, Solo-preneurs , coaches and consultants or those who just don’t friggin’ like selling and don’t have a big budget right now, how to create an online presence that’s cost effective and that practically does the selling for you. Imagine being able to build Your Business Your Way and Without Breaking The Bank…


Imagine if everyone you talked to about your business or product was SUPER excited to hear from you… How would you feel if everyone said YES instead of trying to avoid you like the plague…A biz owners DREAM right?

There is a simple yet effective way to have people literally begging to work with you… It’s POSSIBLE! And I’m revealing it right here, right now!



“Being in business for yourself requires heart and hustle. April Ray is THE voice and guide for introverts who want to know how to accentuate their assets and honor their personality while launching and growing their business. “

Lisa Steadman

Bestselling author, writer/producer, media personality

“Being an introvert myself, I have found April’s business information very enlightening and I have applied some of her techniques to my own business, The Mahogany Box jewelry line. Her tips on branding and marketing are on point and I have used a lot of her social media and promotion strategies as well, with great results! The fact that she also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in network marketing was just an added bonus for me. “

Gia Sneed

Owner of The Mahogany Box Jewlery Line

Some of my guilty pleasures…


April Ray is CEO and Founder Of the Introvert Mogul Studios, Brand Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant. With over 20 years in the Marketing and Finance Industry and 6 years with Network Marketing on Social Media, she comes with a wealth of knowledge to help Network Marketers, Realtors, Coaches and Home business professionals build on online presence that's producing leads and sales 24/7. Through her one-on- one coaching, Web Services and engaging blog posts that proved tips and free training, she is here to help the Introvert Entrepreneur design, package and promote a Brand that's fun, engaging and Attracts the attention they need to create a continuous stream of profits .

And when she’s not teaching Home Biz owners how to MOGULIZE their brands authentically, you can find her, gorging on "The Actors Studio" marathons and watching Turner Classic Movies (because she loooves old Hollywood)…Learn How You Can Work With April!

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