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On average, most introverts are not cool with being in the spotlight. There are exceptions of course, those who have developed the skill of putting them selves “out there” and being comfortable with it while at the same time they have mastered the ability to consistently take time out for the much needed recharging us introverts need after being center stage for any period of time.

One such professed mega celebrity introvert is Beyoncé . She has stated many times that off stage she exhibits more of an introvert personality. She has been described by the media of being very low key, quiet and laid back when she is not performing. On stage, Beyoncé says she channels her alter ego- Sasha Fierce and this is her “Brand Identity” that is attracting all of her devoted fans.
Many actors who are introverted tell similar stories of how they are able to become someone else when they are in front of the camera, accessing their inner extrovert to some degree. But this seems logical don’t’ you think, after all isn’t acting about becoming and communicating the character or identity to the audience?
Your brand can also be considered as your alter ego or brand identity . Your brand is the vehicle that can allow you to safely step up and step out into the spotlight and shine. It is what I call the CELEBRITY FACTOR that magnetizes and attracts your co-star clients + customers to you and your juicy products and red carpet services.
Some introverts are opposed to the idea of being a celebrity and I get that but, what I’m talking about here is creating a BRAND IDENTITY / ALTER EGO that is unique and attractive, that will not only help you define + communicate your message clearly, but will help you stand out from all of the other brands or people who are offering the same products and services as you are.
If you truly want to be successful in your business you will most definitely want to create a celebrity brand identity that does the selling and promotion (performing) for you so that you don’t have to.
Make sense?
So let’s tighten this up a bit with some other practical elements of a celebrity brand that go along with your brand identity …. 

Elements of an Effective Celebrity Brand Identity

The most successful brands come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few common elements you’ll find in all of them. 


A good brand communicates the intended message clearly. Communication is very important. It’s also important that you communicate the intended image you want customers to perceive, rather than giving them the wrong message. In our Beyoncé example, you usually know exactly what type of music you will hear from her as well as the look and feel of her performances.


In order for a brand to work effectively, it needs to be memorable. It needs to stay in the customer’s mind. I think Sasha Fierce has mastered the art of memorability.


What makes Beyoncé unique? She’s a great singer and performer on stage but, so are a lot of female artists. What really makes her shine is how she can dance her ass off and not skip a beat in her vocals, which is really hard to do. Her big flowing in the wind hair is her signature stamp and she knows how to put on an energetic and entertaining show. That being said, not everyone likes her music. She’s not always the best option for everyone, but she is the right option for those who feel her music meets their needs.

Your brand tells people what makes your products and services unique among your competitors and the most ideally suited for them. As I said above, it’s not that you’re the BEST but that you’re the ONLY option that fully and adequately meets the customer’s needs. This aspect of uniqueness also means you don’t have to appeal to everyone.

Emotional Connection

One of my mentors would always say, “You’re ideal client has to feel you before they can find you.” All good brands make an emotional connection with their target audience. People identify themselves through the brands they like. It’s just as much a part of a person’s identity as their political or religious affiliation. Beyoncé’s fans feel her and many of them want to be her or at least emulate her style. If your brand identity gets inside your customers’ heads and elicits an emotional response, they’ll identify with it and remain loyal fans. This is what motivates the buyer to buy.


A good brand is consistent. It never strays from the customer’s expectation. Like an old friend, it’s always there giving them the same message. In this way, your brand establishes your company’s credibility in the customer’s mind.


The best brands are timeless. They endure and stay relevant for years or even decades to come.

So ask yourself: What part of yourself can you bring to the table that you are not allowing to been seen right now? What are some of your talents -loves apart from your products and services that you can incorporate into your brand identity? Use your creativity to discover what you can do to add these 6 elements in your brand identity.
Til next time… 

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