You’re probably familiar with the story of the struggling independent distributor that is frustrated with the complete lack of success in her direct sales business.



The one that was told by her up-line that all she had to do was start sharing her business opportunity with absolutely everyone she met and she would be wildly successful in her new direct sales business.



You’ve seen her…on Facebook, she’s got her FB biz page or even worse her profile page, littered with her new MLM biz op and products (quickest way to end up in Facebook jail, btw); endless “selfies” of her using the products and sharing about how you can change your life and never work another 9 to 5 job again if you join her company.

Sound familiar?

Hey, no judgment here…

I was guilty of it when I was a newbie too!

And where did it get me?  No-where’s -Ville!

I struggled… and I struggled…and I struggled!



Until I found out that there is a vast difference between the way a professional direct seller or network marketer build their businesses and the struggling newbie marketer.

I’ll talk more about that in a minute…



See, most new independent distributors get on board in their new business thinking it is gonna be a piece of cake. Their sponsor is usually a newbie herself, and tells her to just start making a list of 100 of their friends and family and tell them about the awesomeness of your business opportunity or life changing product which they won’t be able to pass it up.



The harsh reality is, they quickly discover that that (explicit word here) don’t work!



They are seriously struggling in order to survive in this competitive MLM industry.

They see other distributors being wildly successful, building crazy down-lines yet, they can’t even get one person to just like their Facebook post.

So what’s going on??

Is Direct Sales Or Network Marketing A Scam?

Nope! This industry works…

However, there is a science behind building a successful direct sales business online and sometimes the pro’s wont’ share it with you.

I don’t know why that is…


…Today I’m going to give you my 2 cents on the subject, because I know what worked for me…

What’s The Difference Between A Direct Sales Professional And Struggling Independent Distributor?

Successful network marketers are the ones who first and foremost, are willing to constantly improve themselves, working continuously, with the purpose of becoming the best at what they do, and making a name for themselves within their industry.


They get that, flooding their social media pages with their opportunity upfront will have people who see it avoiding them like the plague.

Instead, they make it a point of branding themselves as the expert in their niche.

Direct Sales Professionals Keep Up With The Latest Marketing Strategies.

The Direct Sales Pro. of today knows that they are more than just a product pusher; they know that chasing friends and family is a dead-end street. They take hold of the opportunity that the MLM business model has to offer, but continue to make it their priority to learn new marketing strategies which is the only way to really turn a struggling direct distributor into a social networking all-star!



Besides having a great capacity to self-improve, direct sales professionals are positive, optimistic and capable of learning from mistakes.

They don’t dwell on their failures like frustrated newbie distributors do.



They see failures as opportunities to grow. When facing a problem, they do their best to find a solution and never look for excuses to avoid the situation. They confront it with all the tools and know-how that they have.

Quitting is never an option for the direct sales biz owner.


People who succeed in their direct sales businesses and build huge down-lines, have the mindset of a real business owner – they don’t see themselves as simple distributors for a company. They also understand that a business takes time to grow and aren’t looking to get rich in 6 months or less!



Basically, they operate in reality and not out of desperation.

Successful network marketers know how to set realistic goals and work to attain them. Because they are visionaries, they can envision success and do their best to come closer to it.

Direct Selling Professionals Use A System

First of all, if they are taking advantage of online marketing, and they are, they have learned and invested in the tools of internet marketing. They are using, for example, capture pages and email auto-responders. They are not losing money by posting their company website link upfront, for all to see!!

Oh no!



They know how precious that link is and makes sure that the curious prospect first gives them their email address in order to have the privilege of seeing what they have to offer! Spamming is the way of the struggling direct seller not the direct sales pro!

Okay, So, to sum it up,

  • You need to brand yourself as the professional and not parade your company logo upfront.
  • You need a positive mindset; a no quitting attitude
  • You need to have patience, and know that building a thriving biz takes time.
  • You must have a willingness to invest in learning new marketing strategies and, you gotta have a system so that you can create a rinse and repeat process that is duplicable.


This my friend, is the way to having a long successful business as a Direct Sales Professional


When I applied it, my business grew… And yours can too…I’ll show you how

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Til Next Time! =)


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