The Courage To Anything, an Introverts Guide

Introverts are often accused of being quiet and shy. We are depicted as not being willing or open to trying new things. We are categorized as not having the courage to come out of our comfort zone and experience new horizons. Courage has often been associated with extroversion and admired as a valuable trait – even one of the most important virtues to possess.


The fact is, being courageous is not something that is only bestowed upon gregarious personality types. We are all human and can exhibit courage when we desire something in our lives that requires us to move past our fears and take action no matter how uncomfortable it may be at the time.

If there is something you want to have in your life but feel blocked by negative beliefs or fears, take a look at the following tips to learn how to find the courage to do anything.


The Courage To Do Anything – Face Your Fears Head On

The first tip for getting over your fears is to face them head on. Fear is a natural response. Your brain creates a stress inducing hormone called cortisol, when presented with a situation that scares you, and protects you from harm. You don’t want to ignore your fears, they are valid. What you want to do is evaluate that fear and see if it is a real threat or just something you want to avoid so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. Most fear is irrational, so if it’s blocking you from your prize, push through that sucker head on!

When you avoid your fears, you are actually giving it more power to keep you from taking action in your life and business. By deliberately exposing yourself to your fears, you are showing your brain that you can survive the situation. You are presenting your mind with the idea that the situation that you were so afraid of was nothing but a figment of your imagination.


Remember, what we think and believe creates our reality.


Over time, you will train your brain to feel more comfortable in the situations that previously caused you dread. So, the first step in finding courage is to face your fears.


Fear smashing tip: if you dislike large groups, but you know that there’s something for you there that will get you closer to your dream, don’t turn it down, just GO!


The Courage To Do Anything – Talk It Out

The next tip for finding courage is to talk to someone. Us introverts often find it difficult to discuss our feelings, but you may find it easier when talking with your BFF or a close family member. Talk to them about your fears, they can help you come to the realization that the situation does not have to be as scary as you thought.

Or they might irritate you with their rational thinking, so positive self talk is also an option! Lol You know how you are. Wink-wink

The Courage To Do Anything – Say… “Not Right Now!” To Your Comfort Zone

Another suggestion that introverts will find useful is to get outside of your comfort zone. Try something fun that you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t do because you were scared. It has to be something fun! Just say to yourself, “just for right now I’m going to put that whole comfort zone thingy on hold and take a chance.” Similar to facing your fears, getting outside of your comfort zone means experimenting with new situations. Start small and with something you’ve always wanted to do. These small steps will go a long way towards showing your brain that fear can be conquered.


courage to do anything

Harlem Duets was my very first acting gig!

Personal example: I took an acting class because I loooved movies (and secretly fantasized about being an actress). I wanted to break my fear of public speaking and had zero desire to take a boring speaking course. That first class was terrifying, but that irrational fear was getting in the way of what I wanted so I said “not right now” to my comfort zone and dove in.

Best thing I ever did!


The Courage To Do Anything – Build Your Confidence On The Regular

All of these steps are geared towards building your confidence. If you do not feel confident in a specific setting, fake it, yes- I said fake it! I know I will get some flack from some of my fellow introverts for this, but faking it is a good way to trick your brain, and those around you, into thinking that you are completely comfortable with a situation. Now I’m not in any way, shape, or form saying to pretend to be an extrovert!


I’m simply saying, if you are trying to achieve a goal that you want really bad, then dude… don’t let it pass you by because you’re afraid to do it or because it may appear to be an extrovert quality and that by doing it you’re not being authentic…

I’m all about authentic…

Listen, you are a brilliant introvert, but introvert does not mean shy and is not some condition that needs to be overcome. As introverts, we process and react to our surroundings differently; we need time alone to re-energize from certain situations. So put your big girl panties on and go do that uncomfortable thing… then go home and take a nap! Eventually, your brain will fall for the trick and you will no longer need to fake it – you will naturally feel more confident and in control in any setting.

Have faith in and be patient with yourself! I still have stuff I’m not ready to jump into even though I know it’s where I need to go or what I need to be doing, but I will do it.

And you will too!

You already have the courage to do anything within you, I promise!

‘Til next time…  April

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