Thirty-One Review 2016

If you are a lady passionate about shopping and gifting and you want to increase your income, but still benefit from free time to spend with the family, a lot of women would recommend you to give Thirty-One a try. This company was created by a woman for women all around the U.S who want to start a small business, but simply do not have the resources to do it.

Thirty-One Review | About the Company

Thirty-One Gifts was founded in 2003 by Cindy Monroe, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but relocated to Ohio five years later. The CEO Monroe, wife and mother, confesses to having started the business in her own basement, with a minimum investment, just to meet the needs of women like herself, who did not have the time to shop, yet they were passionate about it. Due to her extensive experience in direct sales, Monroe managed to grow it into an international success.

Thirty-One Review | The Comp Plan

Thirty-One is a Direct Sales Company basing its business structure on a multi-level payout strategy. What that means is, the products it creates and sells are not available in stores, but can be purchased only from Thirty-One consultants whereby they can earn a commission. Becoming a consultant requires you to develop your own marketing network to commercialize the products, earn money and encourage other women to become consultants.

Extending the sales representative network is usually done by hosting house parties or gatherings where the products are presented and where people are informed about the business opportunities. The women hosting the parties can gain as much as 200 dollars for every event, depending on the number of people participating, but they also receive gifts and bonuses.

The payout levels are dependent upon the ranking that the consultant achieves within the company. The starting level is called an independent distributor or “Consultant” and can reach all the way to “National Executive Director.” According to their website, the average consultant working 5 hours per week can earn anywhere from $1- $754 per year.

Thirty-One Review | The Products

The Thirty-One catalog consists of exclusive products which are indispensable to any woman. The product lines include accessories, bags and purses, baskets and wallets, clothing, children’s items and stationary. The catalog is available on the company’s official website for viewing. Moreover, you can personalize your products, as Thirty-One puts an engraving, embroidery and lettering service at your disposal.

The company’s bags production is done in China, but the customization’s are handled in the U.S, where the company has four facilities. This helps the product prices to be maintained at an under-the-average level and keeps the sales going.

Thirty-One also offers women the opportunity to apply for corporate jobs at their Ohio headquarters, and the organization is also involved in numerous charity projects and events.

Thirty-One Review | Public Opinion

Most women who work as Thirty-One consultants have praised the company for its amazing products and the opportunity it gave them to earn money. Although Thirty-One CEO has had to freeze consultant recruitment for a couple of months back in 2011, the company has managed to surpass the crisis and consistently increase the network, now reaching nearly 100.000 consultants.

Thirty-One Review – What it Takes to Succeed

I’m a die-hard Network Marketing fan and truly believe it is one of the best ways to create a lifestyle of time and financial freedom. If your passionate about your Thirty-One business, if you have the proper training and support from your sponsor and if you utilize a proven Lead Generation System so that you always have a stream of qualified prospects to present your business to, YOU CAN SUCCEED!

Remember, it takes time, patience and hard work in any worthwhile venture, make sure you have the tools you need to help you build a massive down line in your new Thirty-One business!


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